Desired Future States



We are a unique, innovative community partner dedicated to providing individualized support and opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and special needs.

We strive to maximize individual potential and successful connection to community.


We envision a future where all people regardless of their abilities are included, respected, and valued
in their community.


We support people in their lives, with integrity, respect, collaboration, kindness and vision.


People We Serve

Drumheller And Region Transition Society will provide programs to meet the needs of individuals and families in a collaborative environment which supports individual development. These services will be:
Within the defined scope of the organization;
Holistic in nature (mental, spiritual, physical and emotional);
Based upon a proactive approach identifying future individual, family, and community needs.

Our People

Drumheller And Region Transition Society recognize that all it’s accomplishments are achieved through the contributions of each individual staff member/team. Within this framework:
Employees and volunteers are valued for their competency and commitment to our dynamic organization;
A nurturing environment which fosters career growth and development is provided;
The Agency strives to become an employer of choice.

Alliances (Partnerships)

Drumheller And Region Transition Society will seek to optimize its programs and services through the
continuation and development of alliances. The nature of the alliances includes:

Mutual trust and respect;
The sharing of risks and rewards;
Building upon interdependence to reach common objectives.

D.A.R.T.S. Corporation

Drumheller And Region Transition Society is a magnet organization that governs in a compassionate, caring manner. It is based on the core competencies which include:
Sound business principles and practices;
Seeks to ensure a sustainable future;
Develops information systems to support evidence based decision making.