D.A.R.T.S. provides individuals with a variety of options which enables them to live as independently as
possible in the community.

Supervision and support provided to the person is based on the individual’s needs and wants.

Service may be provided to individuals in a group setting, living independently, living with families and/or those receiving respite services.

All services aid in the development of daily living skills and promote quality of life.


Our Career Development Program has two main program areas: a Contract and Volunteering Program; and a Gainful Employment Program. The main objective of the Career Development Program is to provide
Individuals with opportunities to develop and enhance the skills they may require to gain and maintain
employment opportunities which meet their individual needs and wants. Assistance may also be provided to the employers of the individuals.

  • This support could include pre-employment workshops, skill development, and educational support; resume development, job search, and interview preparation.
  •  Support may also be provided for on-site support, continuing until the Individual has gained the skills to work independently.
  • On-site visits occur as needed by both the Employer and the Individual, to ensure job maintenance support.


D.A.R.T.S. provides individuals with the support they need to develop and enhance the daily living skills they require to maintain their independence and meet their individual needs and wants. D.A.R.T.S provides
individuals with opportunities to access, participate in, and contribute to the community.


D.A.R.T.S. provides children, their families and caregivers with individualized supports that are delivered in the family home and/or the community. Supports may include:

  • Respite supports in their home or in the community, to provide a break from hands on caregiving and supervision,
  • Aide supports that may include personal care, or extraordinary care while the parent is in training or at work, or community support for the child to participate in community programming or activities,
  • Transitional services that will support families moving from child services into adult services,
  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) provides consultation, training, and support for the parents and caregivers to address behavioral, emotional and developmental concerns in children and teenagers. And enhances the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents.

The Drumheller Bottle Depot provides training and employment opportunities for individuals in service, a venue for members of the community to recycle their beverage containers, and provides revenue for the Agency.


To apply for services with our Agency, please print the “Application For Services” page found on the left under Services, and forward it to our office. You will need Adobe Reader to download the application.
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